March 2015


We are already in the third month of 2015! We hope that everyone had a blessed festive season and that the new year will be a good one for us all.

We have sent out emails to our supporters to remind everyone that if you are not already in possession of a My Village Card, please consider it seriously. It is really important to support the Trust, as we have the ability to host larger fundraising events in order to support the Units and this card is free to you. Please contact us if you did not receive your mail or call for your card directly on 0860100445 and choose the National Horse Trust as your beneficiary.

We are now on Face book, so have a look at news there, as we will be informing you of upcoming events.

We are appealing to anyone who might be in a position to do so to consider donating a prize to our raffle which will take place later in the year.

We would like to challenge each one of you to recruit a new member for the Trust. You have no idea what a difference it would make, so please get talking to friends and family, after all it is for a very worthy cause. Our details can be found below for your convenience.

The Highveld Horse Care Unit is bringing on board Local Authorities, Traditional Leaders and Government Animal Health Technicians in each area where Township Clinics are held and this has been well accepted by the majority of role players. The Unit has put in place an owner education and equine assistance plan with targets for each area.

Eight Thoroughbreds, recently off the track, have been removed from Soweto and Orange Farms townships by the Unit. This highlights once again the responsibility that should be embraced by each owner of a Thoroughbred for the welfare of his/her horse after its racing career comes to an end. We all remain insistent that Thoroughbreds not be used as working horses in townships! Problems are also experienced with American Saddle horses, as you can see from the pictures below.

NL HHCU March 2015

The Coastal Horse Care Unit is also finding more and more Thoroughbreds, retired from racing, in really bad welfare situations. In some cases the horse was not homed into such a situation by the owner or trainer, but by a third party or agent. We call on all owners and trainers to contact the National Horse Trust or one of the Units for information and advice before homing these horses. More and more unscrupulous agents are popping up! The Unit has seen a huge improvement in the condition of rural horses since the inception of their Rural Outreach and Training programme. The Unit receives numerous requests to do rural outreach in more areas in KZN, but due to financial and staff constraints are not currently in a position to do so. It is however a reflection of the positive results they are achieving in rural areas.

NL CHU March 2015

The Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit is continuing with the sterling work in townships, assisting donkey owners with injuries, harnessing, bit and bridle problems and the Grahamstown Donkey Clinics are well attended. The annual Grahamstown Donkey Carnival was a huge success with the assistance of several good hearted individuals.

NL ECHU March 2015

The Unit adopted out three Thoroughbreds on the same day and it was a big encouragement for staff. The Transkei visits have resumed, much to the relief of the owners and equines in that area. The Unit would like to thank all their loyal supporters for donations, financial as well as in the form of equipment and other goods.

We would like to remind you that membership renewals are due shortly and we are in the process of sending out your reminders. We hope that you will continue supporting us in this way.

The National Horse Trust wishes to thank all our loyal supporters who have always assisted us in fulfilling our mission, you are truly much appreciated, we cannot do it without you.

Kind regards

Joanne Lombaard
Trust Secretary
Tel : 011 683 4388
Fax: 011 683 5326

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