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Envisioning Equine Welfare Since 1989

About Us


Since 1989, the National Horse Trust has stood as a beacon of care within the racing industry, committed to providing vital assistance to abused and neglected Thoroughbreds as they transition from the racetrack to a new chapter of life.

At the core of our non-profit is an unwavering commitment to horses’ well-being, irrespective of breed.

We’re spread across South Africa, with three strategic Horse Care Units, collaborating with like-minded organizations to safeguard these magnificent beings.


Why Choose Us

Our Mission

Our purpose is clear: to break the cycle of suffering some horses endure. With each rescued horse, we create a haven of safety and care, igniting a cycle of compassion. Education stands tall, empowering horse owners and the public with insights and resources vital for equine welfare.

Empowering You to Make a Difference

If you encounter a horse in distress, we’re ready to collaborate. Your concern, combined with our expertise, can be the lifeline a horse urgently needs.

Discover Our Services:

  • Rescue and Revival
  • Guided Adoptions
  • Empowerment through Education
  • Community Impact
Your Role in Transformation Our commitment reverberates in the lives we touch, but it’s a collective endeavor. By contributing to the National Horse Trust, you become an architect of change, helping us shape a world where every horse experiences the respect and love it deserves.
Be a Part of the Journey. Support Equine Welfare Today.
Rescue and Revival
We tirelessly focus on rehabilitating horses who’ve known pain, offering them a renewed lease on life.
Guided Adoptions
Finding forever homes is our passion, ensuring each horse is welcomed into a loving environment.
Through awareness campaigns and resources, we’re fostering informed horse ownership and empathy.
Community Impact
We extend financial support to fellow organizations championing equine protection.
Community Outreach Through Our Horse Care Units: Nurturing Equine Welfare and

Empowering Communities

Welcome to our dedicated Community Outreach Programs, facilitated by our esteemed Horse Care Units. We are committed to fostering a harmonious relationship between equines and the communities they serve. Through education, treatment, and rescue, we strive to elevate equine well-being and empower rural areas with the knowledge and tools to care for their invaluable animal companions.

Our Initiatives:

  1. Equine Care Education: At the heart of our outreach lies the desire to educate. We collaborate closely with rural communities to provide comprehensive training on equine care, offering insights on nutrition, health maintenance, and proper treatment methods. Our workshops and training sessions empower community members to become knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers for their work horses, mules, and donkeys.
  2. Treatment and Health Services: We extend our expertise by offering essential health services to rural equines. Our dedicated veterinary teams visit local communities, providing check-ups, vaccinations, and treatments. By ensuring that these animals receive the care they deserve, we contribute to their overall well-being and productivity.
  3. Rescue and Rehabilitation: For equines in need, our Horse Care Units are a beacon of hope. We rescue neglected, abused, and injured horses, mules, and donkeys, offering them a second chance at life. Our skilled teams provide intensive care, rehabilitation, and medical attention, allowing these animals to heal and recover.
  4. Rehoming and Adoption: Once rehabilitated, our rescued equines are lovingly prepared for adoption. Through a thorough screening process, we match them with caring and responsible homes, ensuring a bright future for both the animals and their new owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The National Horse Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting equine welfare, rescuing neglected and abused horses, and empowering communities through education and outreach programs.

We operate through a network of strategically located Horse Care Units across South Africa. These units engage in community outreach, rescue, rehabilitation, and education initiatives.

Our Community Outreach Programs involve teaching rural communities how to care for their work horses, mules, and donkeys. We provide education, treatment, and support to enhance equine welfare.

We conduct workshops, training sessions, and provide resources that cover topics such as nutrition, health maintenance, and proper treatment practices for equines.

 Once rehabilitated, our rescued equines are carefully screened for adoption. We match them with loving homes to ensure they continue to receive proper care.

You can support us by donating, volunteering, spreading awareness, and participating in our fundraising events. Your contributions directly impact equine welfare.

 Yes, we facilitate the adoption of our rehabilitated equines. We have a thorough screening process to ensure they find suitable and caring homes.

We welcome volunteers who are passionate about equine welfare. Please reach out to us to inquire about volunteer opportunities and how you can make a difference.

You can contact us through our website’s contact form or by reaching out to the respective Horse Care Units. We’re here to answer your questions and provide more information.

+27 11 683 4388


Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or if you’d like to learn more about our organization and its initiatives. We’re dedicated to equine welfare and creating a positive impact in communities across South Africa.