Dedicated to the prevention of abuse of horses.


Lifting Spirits, One Rescue at a Time.

Our Mission is clear

To shatter the cycle of suffering that some horses endure.

What We Do


As a nonprofit organization, our primary goal is to raise essential funds to provide unwavering support for the diverse care units operating under our compassionate umbrella. Every contribution we receive directly impacts our ability to rescue, rehabilitate, and educate, empowering equines and communities alike.


Our community outreach programs encompass our widespread care units across South Africa, working hand in hand with communities. We impart crucial equine care knowledge, rescue those in distress, and ensure a harmonious partnership between humans and their equine companions, creating a brighter future for all.


Our rescue efforts extend compassion to both retired racehorses and neglected equine friends who have endured abuse. With unwavering dedication, we provide them with a second chance at life, rehabilitation, and a future filled with love and care.


We play a crucial role in rehoming our rescued equines, ensuring they find loving homes where they can thrive. Our commitment extends beyond rescue, as we work tirelessly to secure bright futures and happy lives for these remarkable creatures.


Our mission is resolute: to shatter the cycle of suffering that some horses endure.

With each rescued equine, we forge a haven of safety and nurture, sparking a cycle of compassion. Education stands as our beacon, empowering horse owners and the wider public with essential insights and resources for the betterment of equine welfare.

Empowering Your Impact for Change

Should you come across a horse in need, we're here to join forces. Your care, coupled with our knowledge, could be the lifeline that a distressed horse requires.
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Your Role in Transformation
Our commitment reverberates in the lives we touch, but it’s a collective endeavor. By contributing to the National Horse Trust, you become an architect of change, helping us shape a world where every horse experiences the respect and love it deserves.
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