Corporate Membership Application Form


Your company can become a corporate member of the National Horse Trust by completing the online form below. There are three classes of membership which are:

Platinum Membership – the current membership fee is R7000-00 per annum

Gold Membership – the current membership fee is R5000-00 per annum

Silver Membership – the current membership fee is R3000-00 per annum

Companies who would like National Horse Trust to display a link to their websites should email their logo to us at and we will gladly provide this.

Corporate members must also include the company’s contact person on the form.

Membership is renewed annually in April.

Please read our terms and conditions for payments before completing the form.

The information that is entered on this form is sent to the National Horse Trust and is not retained on our website.

Once you have submitted the form a message will be displayed. For payments options please see below the green message box.

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For Direct Deposits or EFT Payments, please click on this link for our banking details