Horse Care Units


To report equine abuses/neglect or to adopt a horse, please contact any of the following Horse Care Units, affiliated to the National Horse Trust.

Highveld Logo



Email Address:

Phone No:  081 598 3842

Emergencies: 082 921 1644

FaceBook: FaceBook

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Email Address:

Phone No: 031 782 1434

Emergencies: 073 550 3061

FaceBook: FaceBook


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Eastern Province


Email Address:

Phone No: 041 366 1594

Emergencies: 072 357 2505

2 thoughts on “Horse Care Units”

  1. Nina Ferrell


    We live near Tulbagh in the Western Cape , in a tiny village called Gouda.
    We have a few horses walking around at times looking for food and water. They belong to someone who does not stable them , feed them or look after them. The mare is in foal again.
    We have asked for help and have had no response.
    Please respond.

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