September 2015




Dear Member

Is it not wonderful to have had our spring rains! We all look forward to seeing everything in nature turn green again.

Please remember to obtain you’re my Village Card if you have not yet done so, it is free to you. Call 0860100445 directly and choose the National Horse Trust as your beneficiary.

We hope that you regularly visit our Face Book page to see upcoming events. Our Annual Race Day was a huge success and we wish to thank our sponsors and supporters most sincerely, without you we can never be successful in our efforts to raise funds for our beloved horses.

We have secured a wonderful prize for our raffle, the details of which we will soon communicated to you. We hope that you will support the raffle and stand a chance to be a winner!

The Highveld Horse Care Unit has done much in investigating the illegal slaughter of donkeys. Unfortunately, they cannot shut down these operations on their own, the full cooperation and involvement of the responsible authorities are needed. The investigations are however keeping the individuals involved on their toes.


The Silver Lining Project is gaining momentum and the Unit is placing thoroughbreds with top competitive riders. The Unit is distressed at the number of Thoroughbreds being sold at auctions and ending up in Soweto and Orange Farms. Sadly, there are still some owners/trainers who dispose of these horses without compassion.



The Coastal Horse Care Unit’s Rural Training Centre building has reached roof height! The training workshops in the rural areas are paying dividends and the horses are benefiting in a major way. It is really heartening for the Unit to see so many rural owners trying their best to care for their horses, but the lack of sufficient funds is holding the Unit back from reaching more rural areas where the need is just as big.


The Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit’s missions to the Transkei are benefiting many horses that otherwise would not have received any assistance at all. Deworming, wound treatments and the supply of equipment are some of the services rendered.

The National Horse Trust would like to thank all our loyal supporters who have always assisted us in fulfilling our mission, you are truly much appreciated and we cannot do it without you.

Once again, we call on owners/trainers to be compassionate when disposing of Thoroughbreds when their racing careers have ended. All the Units are constantly faced with broken down, neglected and abused Thoroughbreds in townships and other areas. The National Horse Trust and the Units are only a phone call away and will gladly assist with advice for the responsible and compassionate disposal of Thoroughbreds.

Kind regards

Joanne Lombaard

Trust Secretary

Tel : 011 683 4388     Fax: 011 683 5326



National Horse Trust

FNB, Southdale Branch

Branch Code: 254205

Acc No: 50600156480

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