June 2015

Begging bowl

In this cold weather, please spare a thought for all the horses and donkeys out there that are not being treated as they should. This results in our Units being under increased pressure to provide fodder. Donations of old blankets or other tack will always be welcome and they will be put to good use. We ask that if you are possibly in a position to assist directly, that you kindly do that via a donation or signing up to the My Village Card. This is a free and painless way of ensuring a regular flow of funds to the Trust as you spend at a range of retailers.

Please remember to obtain you’re my Village Card if you have not yet done so, it is free to you. Call 0860100445 directly and choose the National Horse Trust as your beneficiary. Details of our bank account are provided below should you prefer to make an EFT donation.

We hope that you regularly visit our Face Book page to see upcoming events. Our Annual Race Day event is scheduled for 22 August 2015 and bookings are now open. We hope that you will book your table, as this is truly an amazingly enjoyable day out for you, your family and friends or clients.

We are still appealing to anyone who can possibly assist us by donating prizes for our raffle later in the year.


Highveld Horse Care Unit
The Highveld Horse Care Unit have encountered a large number of donkeys being purchased, mainly from the Northern Cape, for illegal slaughter on a number of properties on the East Rand and the Kimberley area. The involvement of Government Veterinary Departments, educational institutions and Traditional Leaders, mentioned in our March newsletter, is now established and the clinics in these areas are proceeding well. The plight of retired race horses is still a very distressing situation and the Unit is finding so many Thoroughbreds, sold at auctions, are being found in Soweto and Orange Farms. Although some success has been achieved, too many trainers and owners are still disposing of their horses without compassion. We once again appeal to all owners and trainers of Thoroughbred horses to embrace our efforts to eradicate this cruel and uncompassionate practice by adopting a responsible manner in which to dispose of these once precious horses. We remain insistent that Thoroughbreds not be used as working horses in townships!

June NL 1aJune NL 1

An undignified, frightening and painful end for horses which were once loved and pampered

Coastal Horse Care Unit
The Coastal Horse Care Unit’s rural outreach and training programme have resulted in much improved conditions for rural horses. Owners of the horses are becoming more knowledgeable and are better equipped to realize when there is a problem requiring intervention and they are contacting the Unit for assistance. We reiterate our call to all owners and trainers of Thoroughbreds to contact the National Horse Trust or one of the Units for information and advice before disposing of retiring race horses.

June NL 2a JUne NL 2

A typical rural outreach clinic

Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit
The Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit is continuing with the sterling work in townships, assisting donkey owners with injuries, harnessing, bit and bridle problems and the Grahamstown Donkey Clinics are well attended. The Unit is regularly called upon by owners of horses and donkeys. The Unit’s Transkei missions, focused on rural racing and general welfare issues, are still very successful 2,919 km were traveled, 5 villages or towns visited and 92 horses received primary health care.

The National Horse Trust would like to thank all our loyal supporters who have always assisted us in fulfilling our mission. You are truly much appreciated. We cannot do it without you.

Kind regards
Joanne Lombaard

Trust Secretary

Tel : 011 683 4388   Fax: 011 683 5326
Email: nationalhorsetrust@mweb.co.za

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