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We are so excited to tell you, that assisting the National Horse Trust has never been easier. All you have to do is nominate them as your charity of choice via you’re “MY VILLAGE” card. Every time you make purchases at your regular supermarket or petrol garage, a percentage of your spend goes to those charities you have linked your card to.

Getting a “MY VILLAGE” card is so easy. If you already have one, you can go online at and nominate us as your preferred charity. If not, logon to and click the “get a card” link. Complete the online application form. You are able to nominate up to three different charities of your choice.

Your card is then mailed to your directly. Once you receive it, you are able to give something back every time you shop, and support those causes which are most important to you. Your card never expires and you can make changes online anytime you want.

Did you know?

Every year between 2500—3000 horses leave the racing industry. The National Horse Trust in partnership with The Highveld Horse Care Unit, The Coastal Horse Care Unit and the Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit need your help in ensuring that these majestic animals find suitable and loving homes after racing.
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